Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Marine Reserves

As part of our "under the sea inquiry"  Experiencing Marine Reserves offered a fully funded Road Show for the Kiwi Team yesterday at school.  

The presentation included a powerpoint, "treasure box" and classroom activities. The powerpoint explained the marine biodiversity of the Manukau Harbour and New Zealand and in conjunction with a treasure box of marine creatures it created a fantastic hands on learning experience. The Auckland Regional council has provided them with funding so the presentation was completely free.

Fun Friday.

On Friday we were very excited!   We had many of our preschool friends visiting us.  To top it all up our Room 8 buddies organised some super fun games for us on the soccer field.  The parachute was a definite highlight and with the wind blowing strongly, it was so much fun!  Thank you Room 8, this was a special treat for us!

Clever learners.

Well done to all of the students in Room 1 that are trying so hard to learn all their basic ring words.  It is  so great to celebrate success and the achievement of goals daily.  We know that all your heart work and effort will help you in your future learning.
Congratulations Veronique on moving onto your red words.
Well done Bella, onto green!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

How cute were we?

Mrs Lynch and Mrs Fourie was so proud of our lovely "Mexican hat dancers" during production night. They looked fabulous and did their very best.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Exciting times.
Wow what a busy week it has been in Room 1.  So many exciting things that happened.  It was a lot to process for little minds but we were so proud of all the children in Room 1 doing their very best at the athletics day and during our production.  A big thanks to Christine Koole who made the beautiful Mexican skirts for the girls!  Also a big thanks to all of the wonderful parents that offered to and helped out during the production but also during athletics day.