Sunday, 20 July 2014




We are busy exploring a brand new programme at Reremoana school that will make our class but also our school a better place to be at.  The first concept we are exploring from our ABC chart will be acting safely.  The following two weeks we will be exploring ways that we can keep ourselves and our friends safe.

A little bit about your teacher


Dear Parents/Guardians
I am very excited to be opening up the newest New Entrant class at Reremoana School this term and also very fortunate to share this class with Mrs Margaret Lynch, a very experienced new entrant teacher. I feel very lucky to have a job I am so passionate about.  Having three girls of my own, makes me very mindful of the fact that all children are incredibly precious in their own special way.  To me, children learn best when in an environment that is challenging and authentic, where creativity is encouraged and appropriate behaviour is expected. Over the course of this year, I hope your child will become confident in their ability to succeed at school.  I feel very strongly about forming relationships with parents and family. I'm sure I will see many of you before and after school, please feel free to stop me for a chat. Homefun books are another great way to communicate - leave me a note if you have something you would like to discuss. If you would like to make a more formal appointment to discuss your child, or anything we do in Room 1, please email me at: